Interview w/ Brett Sova of Axis: Sova, + giveaway winners for Whirr and Axis: Sova.

Congrats to Benjamin W., winner of two tickets to see Axis: Sova at Gooski’s Tuesday night, and Patrick K., winner of two tickets for Whirr at Roboto that same evening.

Brett Sova. Photo by Andrew Hannigan

We sent some questions over to Brett Sova, the man behind Axis: Sova, and he answered them for us:

PGH Music Report: Are you comfortable with the labels typically applied to your music?  Garage rock, psych rock, garage-psych…  

Brett Sova: We don’t talk about that too much. Labels are useful for categorization, but often mis-assigned. Meaningful to some, meaningless to us.   

PMR: Do you think it’s accurate to say there’s been a renaissance, or at least renewed interest, in psychedelic rock over the past few years? Why might that be?  

BS: It seems like assigning that label to bands has been trendy for a while. Psych music really lies in the 3rd eye of the beholder. 

PMR: How was it opening for Ty Segall (and Wand) on tour?  

BS: Psychedelic!   

PMR: Do you have to adjust at all, from opening at sold-out theaters to headlining smaller clubs and bars? 

BS: Not much, we bring the same number of amps and wear the same clothes.  

PMR: Talk about your gear a bit. What kind of guitar do you play? Do you have any influences that your fans might not expect?  

BS: A Telecaster custom   

PMR: Do you still consider this to be a solo project?    

BS: That’s a bit of a grey area right now. I definitely dig playing with this band.   

PMR: What have you been listening to lately?   

BS: Steve Hillage, Steely Dan, Clipse, ZZ Top, Sweet.  

PMR: Lastly, you played Pittsburgh in 2013, at Brillobox w/ Purling Hiss. Any fond memories from that show or your time in town? Anything you hope to do or see this time around?  

BS: Just playing! We look forward to playing again.

— b. conway

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