Check out photos from Brewtal Beer Fest 2, featuring headliners Baroness

The game done changed, thanks to Brewtal Beer Fest.

Want to throw a beer festival in Pittsburgh now? OK, great, will there be live music? Will the headliner be nationally known? Will there be rare, delicious one-off beers brewed exclusively for the event? Will it go all day? Will there be video games? Will all my friends be there? Will all my friends want to be there? Will there be room to explore and hang out and discover new music from some of the best bands in the city?

Brewtal Beer Fest was easily the most fun I had at any event this year. Everyone in attendance, from the brewers to the bands to the metal-heads and hop-heads, had the time of their lives. Baroness was incredible.  Congratulations to the organizers of this incredible, grassroots, locally-organized event.

Here’s to year three and beyond! Beer festivals will never be the same.

All photos by Brian Conway. Learn more about Brewtal at or go see Rivers of Nihil at the Funhouse at Mr. Smalls October 24, presented by Brewtal and Mr. Smalls Presents.

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